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Jul. 7th, 2017 11:38 pm
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Hey friends, so John's magic involves a lot of snooping around, and as such some of his spells require permissions in RP settings. Spells he can do are as follows:

Divination - able to locate people or find out things about them if he's had contact with them and/or has something of theirs. Let me know if you're cool with John sneaking knick-knacks or even things like hair, blood, etc. from your person in small amounts.

Summoning - can bring forth demons and creatures to do him favours. Since the world of [community profile] maskormenace has no native heaven, hell or afterlife, he would be pulling supernatural critters from his home world. The amount of energy this consumes means he can't summon anything particularly large or capable of serious damage if it broke loose. Additionally, he can use the circles to deliver small items to people if he knows their location. It is also possible for these demons to do harm since they have a physical form in which to cause trouble. If you feel like being possessed or otherwise have your person or your person's property damaged, feel free to let me know.

Exorcisms and Hypnotism - he can influence people's minds for the purposes of either expelling forces that have possessed them, or subduing them to extract information. This power in particular is dependent on player permission and mutual plotting, so it won't be used without prior discussion and planning with people involved in logs. If we are plotting and this comes up, I will always run this by you first!

Protective Wards - usually the form of drawn circles that a person can stand in. Prevents against possession and a certain amount of physical harm. The rule of thumb for limits is that if it's bigger than a 1-storey house or greater than the force of a house being dropped on you, it overpowers the spell he casts. However, within that parameter he can keep himself or others safe for a short time. Additionally, his coat has protective power and will work on others who wear it. I mean, you're probably screwed already if you're relying on John to prevent you from dying, but if you need this from him hit me up.
Wanna leave a suggestion or crit on my playing of John? Have a plot idea with this bastard? Have at it in the comments.


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